What are the Benefits of Surfing?

What are the Benefits of Surfing?

Understanding the benefits of surfing is important if you want to get the most out of this unique endeavor. Here is a look at some of the benefits that are associated with surfing.

As you have probably seen, surfing is a sport whereby a person stands on a surfboard, and proceeds to try to ride waves. There are a plethora of maneuverings and tricks that can be learned and performed. Surfing is capable of being great fun, but there are some precautions one should take as the ocean is not predictable at all.

Some people might think surfing is crazy, but the majority of surfers will say it is more than that. You make a connection with nature. You leave all of your worries behind while you are out riding the waves. The great power and magnitude of the ocean helps to reinforce the basic ideas we have of health and happiness, and what is really important in our lives.

Surfing can be greatly beneficial, both for body and mind. We all pretty much know the effects that surfing can have on the mind, so let us look to the benefits surfing has for the body. As I am sure you can imagine, riding the waves cannot be that easy. You have to be very fit. Where did you think the terms “washboard abs” and “surfer bodies” came from? Surfing provides excellent cardio since you use your entire body. You use your upper body to paddle out, to wade through the water, and to dive through the waves or duck under them. You use your lower body to control the board one you are up on the waves and riding in.

It is not just that surfing keeps one fit, but you must be in great shape in general because you have to carry your body weight. Since surfing is very cardio intensive, it is good for the heart, and helps to boost energy all around. You get good muscle tone, and your endurance increases. It has been said that surfers who live to their 70′s and beyond tend to defy age with ease. This is because surfing is a great stress reducer, helping you to stay young. So in a nutshell, not only is surfing great for your body, but it is also an immensely fun and popular sport that is very addictive. Once you learn to surf, you will never want to stop.

The beaches all along Hawaii, Florida and California as well as Australia all happen to be excellent hot spots for the purpose of surfing. Surfing really has its very own unique culture and a way of life about it. One of the absolute biggest perks associated with surfing is all of the great bonds and the friendships that you can build up all along the way. Surfing is capable of bringing people together and then it simply keeps people together.