Top Surf Spots in the World

Top Surf Spots in the World

Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to surfing, because different surf spots offer unique waves, unique terrain and completely unique experiences. Still, there is a general consensus when it comes to some of the top surf spots in the world, and here is a small handful of the surf spots that are well worth checking out in your lifetime if you are serious about riding the best waves on the best beaches all around the world.

The Place: Gold Coast City, in Australia

Why: Australia is well known all over the world for providing some truly excellent conditions for surfing. With four different primary breaks and plenty of sunny sky to behold, the Gold Coast City has been well known and regarded as the surfer’s paradise for many years. It features plenty of nearby entertainment, shopping and a multitude of tourist attractions that are particularly convenient for any surfer that is looking to have more fun before or after they hit the waves.

The Place: Kandahar, in Mexico

Why: Surfers from absolutely every level of capability can come and really enjoy what the waves of Kandahar have to offer. There are a wide variety of different surf breaks here, allowing surfers to really take the time to advance their surfing skills while relaxing and having a really nice surfing day all in the same day. The beach here does not tend to be overly crowded, but this spot is known by many surfers as a destination spot all through the year because the weather always seems to be perfect. If you are looking for the really big waves, like 15 feet waves, then you should be visiting Kandahar during May and June.

The Place: Jeffrey’s Bay, in South Africa

Why: This bay is such a popular destination among surfers that Jeffrey’s Bay, in South Africa now hosts the annual Billabong Pro World Championship Tour. The Jeffrey’s Bay is regarded as being world famous because it offers not only excellent surfing but also plenty of great fun as well. The surrounding wildlife and mountains are going to leave you feeling absolutely breathless, and the waves are so sustainable and variable that they will leave you feeling pleasantly shocked and surprised.

The Place: Half Moon Bay, in California

Why: The Half Moon Bay offers infamous waves that range from 25 feet to 50 feet, making the Half Moon Bay a true Mecca for surfers and lovers of the ocean alike. There are some truly stunning rock formations here that have caused the wave phenomenon from beneath the water. This makes this spot an even more amazing destination for you to visit. Although the waves created here may not be the biggest waves in the world, they are certainly the largest waves that you will find in California.

The Place: The Banzai Pipeline, in O’ahu, Hawaii

Why: This pipeline offers not only some of the best waves, but also some of the most dangerous in the entire world. This is definitely no place for any beginner surfer to go, because the waves here are so intense that even some pros are unwilling to come surfing here. Although this is by far one of the most coveted and one of the most well loved surfing spots, the danger is something that you simply cannot ignore. There are many surfers that have died here, perhaps more than any other surfing spot across the globe.

The Place: Tavarua, in Fiji

Why: Tavarua is fun because of the secret elements associated with it, and there are two world class breaks here for you to take advantage of. You will also find a breathtaking environment, beautiful scenery and coral reefs to take advantage of. Unfortunately, the island is currently being managed by a private surf camp, and so the only visitors that are allowed here are those that are brought in by invitation. Fortunately, this island does host a number of different surfing competitions all throughout the year, and you can watch them online or on television to take in some of the spectacular views from afar.

The Place: Teahupoo, in Tahiti

Why: This is another site where the annual Billabong World Championships Tour is held. Teahupoo allows experienced surfers to really live out their life-long dreams. These beaches offer waves reaching higher than 10 feet into the air, a truly heavy current and barrels that are just perfect. Because of these absolutely perfect conditions, professional surfers from all over the world visit Teahupoo at least once and many amateur surfers make it their dream to someday visit.

The Place: Mundaka, in Spain

Why: This is definitely one of the more famous surfing spots in all of Europe as well as the rest of the world. Mundaka offers the speed and the waves that every surfer seems to crave. The current is nice and strong, and this makes your ride all that much more smooth and fun, but some danger is also added as well. Mundaka is only ideal for the more experienced surfers.