The ultimate surf spots

The ultimate surf spots

Everyone has opinions and, in turn, preferences, from music, to drinks, to whatever else that you can think of. Surfing is no different when you think about it. Different surfing spots offer up different rides due to the terrain of the ground underneath the water being vastly different from one spot to the next spot. Despite all of this, you will still find that there are a handful of spots around the globe that the majority will agree upon that are a “must surf”, and you would benefit from visiting these choice surfing spots sometime in your life.

The Place: The Banzai Pipeline, in O’ahu, Hawaii

Why: This pipeline offers not only some of the best waves, but also some of the most dangerous in the entire world. This is definitely no place for any beginner surfer to go, because the waves here are so intense that even some pros are unwilling to come surfing here. Although this is by far one of the most coveted and one of the most well loved surfing spots, the danger is something that you simply cannot ignore. There are many surfers that have died here, perhaps more than any other surfing spot across the globe.

The Place: Tavarua, in Fiji

Why: Tavarua is fun because of the secret elements associated with it, and there are two world class breaks here for you to take advantage of. You will also find a breathtaking environment, beautiful scenery and coral reefs to take advantage of. Unfortunately, the island is currently being managed by a private surf camp, and so the only visitors that are allowed here are those that are brought in by invitation. Fortunately, this island does host a number of different surfing competitions all throughout the year, and you can watch them online or on television to take in some of the spectacular views from afar.

The Place: Teahupoo, in Tahiti

Why: This is another site where the annual Billabong World Championships Tour is held. Teahupoo allows experienced surfers to really live out their life-long dreams. These beaches offer waves reaching higher than 10 feet into the air, a truly heavy current and barrels that are just perfect. Because of these absolutely perfect conditions, professional surfers from all over the world visit Teahupoo at least once and many amateur surfers make it their dream to someday visit.

The Place: Mundaka, in Spain

Why: This is definitely one of the more famous surfing spots in all of Europe as well as the rest of the world. Mundaka offers the speed and the waves that every surfer seems to crave. The current is nice and strong, and this makes your ride all that much more smooth and fun, but some danger is also added as well. Mundaka is only ideal for the more experienced surfers.