Surfboard Rentals In Tamarindo – Costa Rica

We Have The Best Surfboard Rentals In Costa Rica

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* Our rates are for 24hrs, weekly or monthly and for all kinds of surfboards, bodyboards and skimboards rentals
* Those are the boards that we can list, there are at least 70 more that we have, but they dont have a specific model, they are custom made or we got them just for the month.
Before going surf, keep this in mind:
* Follow the local laws at the beach you visit. Different beaches maintain different sets of laws (i.e. surf zones, surfing near jetties and piers etc.), so check with a lifeguard for relevant laws before you enter the water. 

* Wear a leash. Not only is it a law at many beaches, but wearing a leash is an important way to keep your board close to you and to keep it from becoming a hazard to other surfers. 

* Always aid a fellow surfer or swimmer if he/she encounters trouble in the water. The ocean is a dynamic environment and there are many safety hazards including rip currents. Should another surfer or swimmer encounter a problem, immediately offer assistance. 

* Keep an eye out for changing weather conditions and always be aware of the dangers of sun exposure. Wear your sunscreen. 

* Never surf in conditions above your ability level, if you are uncomfortable your will have a great risk of injury. 

* If in doubt, ask a life guard, they are there to help and are our friends!