Planning On Taking Up Surfing?

Planning On Taking Up Surfing?

If you are planning on taking up surfing, or just want to brush up on your surfing techniques and skills, you should start with the following list. This surfing 101 list is meant to be a no nonsense beginner’s guide to getting started on the water. This includes safety for yourself, those around you, using your equipment properly and above all else, knowing what you’re doing. Without further ado, here’s surfing 101:

Do not drink any alcohol while you are surfing or just before surfing. When you are surging under the influence of something like alcohol, you are going to be setting yourself up for failure, accident, injury or worse. Drinking alcohol is going to impair your judgment and may even cause your reaction times to slow down which can put you in serious risk of injury.

Make sure that you are aware of other surfers. You need to be aware of who else is in the water at all times. You also need to be aware of the surfing conditions as well as of the location where you are surfing. You should always make sure that you are not taking somebody else’s wave when you are surfing.

Be aware of your limits as well. You should only ever be surfing in the waves that you are comfortable in rather than surfing in waves that can get you into trouble.

Make sure that you are staying in shape, because physical fitness is definitely important when it comes to your health and well being in the water. If you lose your surfboard while you are out on the water, you are going to need to be physically capable of swimming yourself back to shore and this requires being in shape.

Never go surfing within 45 minutes of having eaten a meal. Your body can do some really unexpected things such as causing cramps when you swim this soon after having eaten a meal.

Make sure that you are surfing smart. You need to be aware of when you should be holding onto your board, just as easily as when you should be getting rid of your board. If you are about to have a serious wipeout, then you need to get rid of your board as this is going to prevent you from sustaining many of the injuries that are sustained when you are still hanging onto your board while you are wiping out.

If you find yourself caught in a rip tide, do not panic. When you should be doing instead is paddling parallel along with the beach until you manage to escape the hold of the rip tide.

Make sure that you are always wearing a good sun block product that is water proof as it will keep you from burning from the blistering sun.