Manufacturers and Distributors of Surfboards

Manufacturers and Distributors of Surfboards

With thousands of different manufacturers and distributors of surfboards, it can be difficult to learn how to find the best surfboards. After riding some of the best surfboards from the greatest brand names out there, here are some of the best surfboard reviews.

Sunova Nitro –

The Nitro surfboard from Sunova Surfboards is a solidly constructed board, exceeding the claims made by the company. This board offers innovative construction along with high performance design, making the Sunova Nitro an excellent board both for intermediate surfers and advanced level surfers as well.

7S Superfish –

The 7S Superfish is an excellent surfboard no matter what your experience level is, but it is especially useful for newer surfers who are learning to catch waves for the first time. This is a loose and fast board with an innovative step desk design that gives it the same feel as a thinner board, while still being quite maneuverable in many different conditions.

Webber Fatburner –

This board is exceptionally fun in the Florida surf. Find some three foot waves and the fatness of this surfboard will really shine. Obesity does not always have to be a bad thing, and the Fatburner by Webber proves this by catching waves in only two paddle strokes, flying across flat sections as if it had a motor powering it.

Anacapa Pro Standard from Al Merrick –

This is a brilliant white, six foot, one inch squash tail gem of a surfboard that was crafted by one of the greats; Al Merrick. This is an incredible board that packs a serious punch. If you have some decent money to throw toward a board with power and maneuverability beyond your wildest dreams, the Anacapa Pro Standard is the board for you.

9:Fish Grunion –

The 9:Fish Grunion is considered to be a throw back to the surfboards of old. We’re talking about longhaired surfers with serious mustaches. The fish is a short, wide and thick board designed for smaller surfs. If you’re looking for a surfboard with a past, then the 9:Fish Grunion is a good way to go.

Supersoft Soft Beginner’s Surfboard –

Most surfboards have really sharp fins, and most children have really soft heads, meaning that surfing can be a potentially painful endeavor for the beginning surfboard. The Supersoft Soft Beginner Surfboard is excellent at soothing anxious parents who are teaching their children to surf. This is a excellent surfboard for beginning surfers both young and old, but is especially advantageous as an option for younger surfers who are likely to take a lot of tumbles.

Isle Surfboards “Retro Fish” –

The Retro Fish by Isle Surfboards is a 6′ 2″ board with an innovative blend of new school and old school energy and a unique and attractive design. If you are looking for a blazing good time, the Retro Fish is a good way to go. This board is excellent for all levels of expertise and provides for a really smooth ride.