Do You Know What Surfing Is?

Do You Know What Surfing Is?

Understanding the benefits of surfing will help you determine whether or not this is the right water sport for you.

First and foremost, do you know what surfing is?

Surfing is a unique activity involving the riding on a wave or riding along a wave using a surfboard. One of the best methods of cross training for the purpose of surfing is to take up swimming. Most of your surfing time is actually going to be spend paddling and swimming than actually riding any waves, and this is an important consideration if you are serious about taking up the sport and seeing what it has to offer you.

Now, what are the benefits of going surfing?

Surfing is a truly excellent fitness activity. The sport of surfing is capable of providing both aerobic and anaerobic exercise components. It requires that the surfer make excellent use of his or her upper body as a result of stroking through the waves, getting out on the waves and then balancing the lower body and the legs in order to ride the wave all the way into shore. Surfing, then, demands a great deal of body balance and body control, and these demands are going to strengthen the interaction that exists between your mind and your body. The surfing environment, the open ocean, is going to help to protect you from injury that occurs as a result of error.

People that go surfing are going to develop a back that is fit and square, shoulders that are strong, back muscles that are strong and legs and arms that are strong.

In order to get all of the full benefits associated with using surfing as a method of exercise, there are a number of skills that you are going to need to develop. The skills that need to be developed for the purpose of surfing include:

  • Improvements in balance, because you will rely heavily upon balance while standing on the board,
  • Paddling and swimming, because you will spend more time paddling and swimming than you will spend on the board riding waves when it comes to surfing,
  • Duck Diving, because this is how to ride through waves or to prepare for an oncoming wave,
  • Spring Paddling right into a wave, which is an important part of surfing,
  • Standing up quickly and with balance on the board, so that you do not end up wrecking before you even get to ride your wave,
  • Turning on the board without falling,
  • Controlling the movement of the board as well as exiting the wave in question,

If you do not already know how to swim or need to improve your swimming capabilities, taking lessons in a surf school is typically a good way for you to go.